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20 Good Shows To See in NYC This Week

Spoiler: this week rules.

September 25, 2017

Written by Patrick McNamara

20 Good Shows To See in NYC This Week!

September 25th - October 1st / 2017 A.D.

1. Fundraiser Week at Silent Barn.

The forever dope DIY co-op art space in Bushwick is stacking this week with a bunch of good shows to benefit Silent Barn's excellent array of programs.

Performers include Shamir, PILL, gobbinjr, Worriers and lots more goodness.

Show your support for independent artists and creatives and spaces.

*on a related note, another dope DIY venue Market Hotel just announced it's triumphant return (into it!) with its own bunch of good shows

2. Seu Jorge at Beacon Theatre on Wednesday, September 27th.

Brazilian songwriter extraordinaire Seu Jorge does a tribute to David Bowie with The Life Aquatic.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-try and go to this show if at all possible.

*speaking of The Life Aquatic did you see the trailer for the new Wes Anderson movie? It looks pretty good... even though it's kinda rips off Wes Anderson a little bit. Some of that stuff Wes Anderson was doing way before Wes Anderson came along.

3. Rainer Maria at Bowery Ballroom on Wednesday, September 27th.

This emo band has ruled for over 20 years (even during their extended ten year hiatus -- they still ruled).

The last time I saw Rainer Maria was a couple years ago at CMJ (RIP) and they were the best band I saw of that whole dumb dead fest! True!

< Rainer Maria > Rainer Maria < Rainer Maria >

Please listen to my favorite Rainer Maria album while you wait for Wednesday!

4. Rostam at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Wednesday, September 27th.

The former Vampire Weekend member plays his own damn carefully crafted orchestral pop songs delicately interwoven with imaginative poetry whose lyrics leap out at the casually rapt listener, thank you very much.

Yeah, Rostam's good.

I've told you this like a 1000 times since last summer when this song came out.

5. The Church at (le) poisson rouge on Wednesday, September 27th / The Bell House on Thursday, September 28th.

If you never got into The Church you're missing out on some of the best noir rock ams the '80s/'90s produced. Criminally underrated!

Not as famous as The Cure or Depeche Mode or even The Psychedelic Furs, maybe, but they belong in the conversation I think.

Here's my favorite Church deep cut. Come for the jingle. Wait for the jangle.

6. Charly Bliss at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Thursday, September 28th.

Is there a more likable punk pop band right now than Charly Bliss?


Bliss sling the big time hits and everyone should go see them all the time forever.

7. Wire at Baby's All Right on Thursday, September 28th / Friday, September 29th / Saturday, September 30th.

London post punk legends playing three shows at Baby's!

Here's my favorite Wire jam (circa 1977 A.D.).

Thanks for blasting!

8. Blonde Redhead at Pioneer Works on Friday, September 29th.

Blonde Redhead is the best band.

Since 1993 A.D.

9. Quicksand at Irving Plaza on Saturday, September 30th / Warsaw on Sunday, October 1st.

Speaking of Trashcan Sinatras being better than The Smiths (oh wait -- you haven't gotten to that part yet), below is one of the best covers of The Smiths ever.

In summation, Quicksand forever!

10. Trashcan Sinatras at Joe's Pub on Sunday, October 1st.

Remember when I was talking about criminally underrated bands when I was talking about The Church just a few short entries ago? Well, here's another band like that!

Trashcan Sinatras > The Smiths

Please vehemently disagree with me in the comments section this blob has never had!


Rounding Out The Top 20:

Crystal Castles at Brooklyn Steel

Chance the Rapper at Forest Hills Stadium

Mitski at White Eagle Hall

Matt Pond PA at Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Thundercat at Brooklyn Steel

Lydia Lunch at The Park Church Co-op

Saint Etienne at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Ovlov at Sunnyvale

Daddy Issues at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Paul McCartney at Nassau Coliseum



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