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20 Good Shows To See in NYC This Week

The Shins, Deafheaven, Tortoise, Iggy Pop, Sufjan Stevens, Patti Smith, Dungen, Devendra Banhart, Sunn O))), Pussy Riot, Jens Lekman, Wilco

March 13, 2017

Written by Patrick McNamara

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20 Good Shows To See in NYC This Week

March 13 - March 19th / 2017 A.D.

1. The Shins play Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday, March 14th and Music Hall of Williamsburg on Wednesday, March 15th.

I'm hesitant to include these two shows on this feature (not because of the band -- Zach Braff says they change lives, after all) but because this was one of those lottery “enter for the chance to buy tickets" gimmicky music industry marketing deals and I think those things are lame.

“I hope I win the honor of giving you my money!"

Good band tho.

(also you can try and $core tickets here if u rich)

2. Deafheaven play Warsaw on Tuesday, March 14th (tickets).

A metal group from San Francisco.

This one's gonna get loud -- bring earplugs to help ensure that one day you will still be able to hear the shrill voices of your sweet grandchildren.

BTW, This Will Destroy You (File Under: A Good Band) is the “direct support" -- this is a music industry term for the band that plays before the headliner - you heard it here first.

BTW, BTW stands for By The Way.

3. Tortoise plays (le) poisson rouge on Wednesday, March 15th and The Hall at MP on Thursday, March 16th (tickets).

Tortoise are so good they made every other Chicago indie / electronic / experimental band that came along after them and bit their style sound totally boring!

If I want to be lulled to sleep by complex, carefully constructed instrumental music I want to be lulled to sleep by the originators - the best.

Tortoise forever.

(Never forget this classic UNKLE remix.)

4. Tibet House Benefit at Carnegie Hall on Thursday, March 16th w/ Sufjan Stevens, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith & more.

Iggy who?

Patti huh?

Sufjan what?

A bunch of no names play this benefit for Tibet House.



(get ticket$ here if u loaded)

5. Dungen play two shows at BRIC House on Thursday, March 16th.

Best psych prog rock band from Stockholm ever, man.

(please let me know if you can think of others in the comments section this blob has never had)

6. Devendra Banhart plays Webster Hall on Thursday, March 16th.

Freak folk foreva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I had no idea Devendra was such a big Joan of Arc fan. Makes me like him even more and I already liked this dude a lot.

BTW (By The Way), this show is sold-out but you can still get ticket$ here if you're not sure what do with your extra money.

(you can also send me $ome if you wanted but no worries either way)

7. Sunn O))) play Knockdown Center on Friday, March 17th (tickets).

Seattle experimental metal band Sunn O))) will drone your face towards oblivion.

Doesn't that sound fun? You bet! And how!

First NYC show in five years, yo.

Don't get scared.

8. Pussy Riot (in conversation) at National Sawdust on Friday, March 17th.

I wonder what Pussy Riot thinks of Donny.

Things about to get real up in here.

9. Jens Lekman plays Bowery Ballroom on Saturday, March 18th (tickets) and Music Hall of Williamsburg on Sunday, March 19th.

Please note: this is my favorite Jens song. I sing it in the shower all the time while I stand and wait for the conditioner to work its magic on my great hair. I have a lovely voice (but I gotta get so f*cked up to sing).

10. Wilco play Beacon Theater on Saturday, March 18th / Sunday, March 19th / Tuesday, March 21st / Wednesday, March 22nd.

As a dad, I don't often rock. But when I do, it's always thanks to Wilco.

All four of these shows are sold-out but check here 4 ticket$ if you REALLY want to go, daddio.

#dadrock #dadtothebone #hiptobedad

Rounding Out The Top Twenty

11. Green Day at Barclays Center

12. Buke and Gase at Union Pool

13. Jacuzzi Boys at Baby's All Right

14. Jerry Seinfeld at Beacon Theatre (what's the deal with spelling it both "theater" and "theatre")

15. Dreamcrusher at Silent Barn

16. Todd Barry at The Bell House

17. CJ Ramone at The Bowery Electric

18. Ezra Furman at Rough Trade

19. Sunflower Bean at BSP

20. Against Me! at The Paramount

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