Oh My Rockness turns 5! Celebrate with us and ten bands at Santos Party House on Wednesday, October 21st!

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Oh My Rockness turns 5! Celebrate with us and ten bands at Santos Party House on Wednesday, October 21st!

October 12, 2009
Oh My Rockness is five years old! Holy --- well, you know. So to commemorate our finally shedding the pull-up pants for those forever coveted A-Team underoos, we're throwing a birthday party for ourselves (is that weird?) at Santos Party House!

We thought we'd bash two birds with one celebratory stone, so we scheduled our birthday show to be the same time as our CMJ show. I guess that's more confusing than it needs to be. Anyway, ten of our favorite bands are playing our 5-year birthday party/CMJ show. Yes, ten...on two stages! So GET YOUR TICKETS and come on out to this crazy show on Wednesday, October 21st.

Who knows, maybe someone awesome like Richard Dreyfuss or Malcolm Jamal-Warner will jump out of a giant Oh My Rockness birthday cake. You never know...

The Ten Bands Playing Oh My Rockness' 5-year birthday/CMJ show

Cymbals Eat Guitars- This boisterous band make off-kilter rock melodies that are BIG. These melodies are so big that sometimes they, dare I say, even soar. Soaring melodies rule!

Real Estate- I've got a peaceful easy feeling when I listen to these guys. But that's what always happens when I think of Annette Funicello stuffing Frankie Avalon's face with sand.

I Was a King- This Norway band takes it back to that modern rock station you used to listen to circa 1995. That radio station ruled (except when they played that Candlebox song over and over and over...man, I do not like Candlebox).

Small Black- People call this Brooklyn band "glo-fi," huh? I call them Hot Asparagus Core. What? Hot Asparagus Core makes about as much sense as glo-fi does. Anyway, Small Black sure make pretty melodies out of those modern, new fangled synthesizer things.

Deastro- Is Deastro the second coming of Depeche Mode? Well, no, because (for better or worse) Depeche Mode is still with us. Listen to Deastro's song "Michael, the Lone Archer" and you'll fall in love with someone new. I mean seriously, how catchy is that song?!?

Evan Voytas- I can't believe this guy isn't huge already. Think about what a perfect pop song sounds like. Then listen to Evan Voytas. Then be all like, "how did he know the melodies I was imagining in my head?" This dude has got the seriously mad SKILLZ.

Ungdomskulen- I refuse to try and pronounce this Norwegian band's name. And while I'm no translator, I think their name means "spazzy math-rock with a bit of prog and one song that sorta sounds just like The Rapture." Or maybe it just means "middle school" in Norwegian.

Eternal Summers- Super clean guitar jingle-jangle that's blissfully breezy. Life's a bitch, but Eternal Summers are a beach.

Free Energy- If you hate being cheerful at a show please stay far, far, away from Free Energy. These "nah-nah-nah-nah" choruses and happy handclaps will not appeal to the cynic in you. Free Energy are here only for people who like delight. And maybe Thin Lizzy. Free Energy foreva!

Beach Fossils- Sand. Seashells. Reverb. Lo-Fi. Coconuts. 'Smores. Johnny and his motorcycle gang. Sweet guitars. Contentment. Beach Fossils.


The Oh My Rockness five-year birthday party/CMJ show is Wednesday, October 21st, at Santos Party House.


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