The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Joyce Manor, Okkervil River, Regina Spektor, Phantogram, Mates of State, La Sera, Die Antwoord, PUP, PWR BTTM, Shellac, Cherry Glazerr, Lucero & more music goodness! - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Joyce Manor, Okkervil River, Regina Spektor, Phantogram, Mates of State, La Sera, Die Antwoord, PUP, PWR BTTM, Shellac, Cherry Glazerr, Lucero & more music goodness!

October 17, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

Let's talk about some good shows happening in NYC this week!

I love live music!

Concerts rule!

More galaxies discovered in space!

The world is spinning away from the sun!

We are so small!

Just another brick in the wall!

Dust in the wind!

Raindrops on a rose!

Nothing matters!

Everything matters!

Live music 4eva!!!!!!!!!

Monday - October 17, 2016 A.D.

Sloan play Bowery Ballroom and this band has been playing power rock pop since the beginning of time (1991 A.D. = basically the same thing). They should really keep those strong armed chords shredding tonight, eh? Please note: this band is huge in Canada.*

* the same country where my girlfriend lived when I was in middle school no I swear I totally totally swear I did too have a girlfriend in middle school her name was Georigina Glass she just lived real far away in Canada and that's why she was never around because they're not really allowed to leave their country or call or mail letters here and stuff totally had a girlfriend in middle school totally totally

Die Antwoord play Terminal 5.

Which is weird. Halloween isn't for two weeks yet.

Oh, Die Antwoord we're sooooooo scared!

Other notable Monday shows = Regina Spektor at Town Hall + Wyatt Cenac at Littlefield


Tuesday - October 18, 2016 A.D.

Joyce Manor play Music Hall of Williamsburg. Have you heard their new album yet? If not, please listen to it. I kind of insist upon it, actually. It's that good!

You know who's also playing this show? The Hotelier. Guess who really likes that band. THIS BLOB

(Joyce Manor sounds more and more like The Lemonheads every album and I mean that in the positively best way, The Lemonheads rule)

Tancred play Mercury Lounge. If you like indie power rock ('90s alt style) and strong writing and good songs you should definitely take a few moments to consider if this is the good show for you to go to tonight. Just trust your #heart.

Other notable Tuesday shows = Regina Spektor at Rough Trade + Amy Schumer at MSG + Failure at Webster Hall + The Blow at National Sawdust


Wednesday - October 19, 2016 A.D.

Lucy Dacus plays Mercury Lounge. If you don't know this Virginia singer-songwriter's post ___ folk goodness you can learn all about it and love it right now thanks to modern streaming technology!

If you've ever wanted to see Patti Smith share a bill with Salt-n-Pepa -- good news! -- it's going to be one helluva magical night for you at Hammerstein tonight.

(Alicia Keys and Chance the Rapper and A$AP Rocky also playing this big time AIDS benefit).

Please enjoy this song called "Let's Talk About Sex" where Salt-n-Pepa spend the first third of it talking about how they're about to talk about sex without actually talking about it.

Oozing Wound play Shea Stadium and these Chicago shredders are FuKcInG GOOD.

Other notable Wednesday shows = Palace at Rough Trade + Freedy Johnston at HiFi (RIP Brownies)

(remember this song? if u existed in the '90s u do)


Thursday - October 20, 2016 A.D.

Iron Chic play Aviv and they are, quite simply, of the funnest bands to see play live in the whole wild world. They pop. They punk. They rock the ____ out.

Okkervil River play Webster Hall and I still think this is the best review (written by frontman Will Sheff) of a rock concert I've ever read.

(please note: this band is not Okkervil River)

Mates of State play Rough Trade. They're still doing it!

Let's take it back to the year 2002 A.D. and blast this old MoS album that brings me right back to some very good days that are now gone forever poof erased from existence just like that but oh well we'll always have the sticky synth pop memories).

Other notable Thursday shows = Caveman at Music Hall of Williamsburg + PWR BTTM at Baby's All Right + Deradoorian at National Sawdust + Daughters at Saint Vitus + Shana Falana at Sunnyvale


Friday - October 21, 2016 A.D.

PWR BTTM play Villain. This band is really fun to see live. Do you wanna know why? Because they GO for it. That's why. This is power pop at its power-y poppiest. Go to this one. Sing. Dance. Let loose. Have a good time. You deserve a nice night out, goddamn it.

Jerry Seinfeld plays Beacon Theater. Did you ever notice how some people just decide to spell the same word in different ways? Is it grey or is it gray? Humor or humour? Theater or Theatre? Either choice is fine. But can we all collectively just decide on one spelling? One spelling of the word! We don't care the spelling! Just pick a spelling!

The Head and the Heart play Terminal 5. This band used to be on Sub Pop. But they're not anymore.

Hope this helps!

Other notable Friday shows = Joseph at Bowery Ballroom + Computer Magic at Knitting Factory + Daughters at Saint Vitus


Saturday - October 22, 2016 A.D.

PUP play Bowery Ballroom. Listen. Will you listen to me? Please listen to me. If you've never seen this band live you must. see. this. band. live. That's where it's at. You're gonna find what you've been looking for at a PUP show. So help me blob.*

*unless you don't like any among the following: pop, punk, pop punk, punk pop, rock, rock 'n' roll, guitars, drums, shouts, shreds, pizza, finding a forgotten $20 bill in one of your old coat pockets, forging good friendships and happiness

Los Angeles's La Sera. Say that five times real fast while you're waiting to see La Sera play at Mercury Lounge tonight (I might have an extra +1 since Sally can't seem to step away from her job selling seashells by the seashore). This is a good band.

Also. Vivian Girls foreva.

Knuckle Puck open for The Wonder Years (um, I loved the show) at Webster Hall and I just wanted to let you know that I still blast this EP quite often. It pops. It punks. It's perfect.

Thanks for allowing me this time to talk to you about my current listening habits.

Other notable Saturday shows = John Zorn's Ultimate Bagatelles Marathon at National Sawdust + Latterman at Knitting Factory + Phantogram at Hammerstein + Ceremony at Brooklyn Night Bazaar


Sunday - October 23, 2016 A.D.

Cherry Glazerr play Baby's All Right.

Is this band good? What would you say if I told you yes.

Lucero play Music Hall of Williamsburg. Such a good band. You definitely should go to this show but if you miss it it's OK you'll have some more chances down the line because this juggernaut of a band is going to keep on truckin' one whisker short of forever and we're all better for it.

(Shotgun Stories = such a good hidden gem of a film)

Shellac play The Bell House and this is one of my favorite post ____ punk albums of all time.


Also. Special shout to Goes Cube, playing their first NYC show in I don't know how many years at Saint Vitus tonight.

I'll always remember the very first Oh My Rockness show we ever put on (March Radness foreva) and how it was the best.

Other notable Sunday shows = La Sera at Baby's All Right + Har Mar Superstar at Bowery Ballroom + Patio at Shea Stadium


Those were the good shows in NYC this week.





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