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The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: New Order, Metric, Dean Blunt, Greg Dulli, Rob Crow, Shearwater, Foxing and lots more goodness!

March 10, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

There are a lot of really good shows happening this weekend.

But let's just talk about a few of them.

For fun!

Thursday - March 10, 2016 A.D.

Synth Heroes! Pop Legends! Oh, Captain, My Captain! The mighty New Order play Radio City Music Hall and I don't have a ticket to this so yes I will be your +1 it would be my great pleasure for you to get me in for free no problem at all thanks so much for offering we're going to have a really great hang!

Please now enjoy listening to one of the greatest pop songs ever written. But you already knew that.

London "art-pop provocateur" (source: Wikipedia quoting someone else) Dean Blunt plays Market Hotel. I do believe he smokes weed. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!!

Rob Crow's Gloomy Place play Knitting Factory. You may know Rob Crow from such hit bands as Pinback and Heavy Vegetable and Thingy and Optiganally Yours and The Ladies and Goblin Cock and approximately 37 more bands! Whatever he calls his shit - it's always good.

Other notable Thursday shows = Dan Friel at Trans-Pecos + Bambara at Union Pool + Teen Commandments at Rough Trade + French Horn Rebellion at Music Hall of Williamsburg + The Strumbellas at Mercury Lounge + Methyl Ethel at Baby's All Right


Friday - March 11, 2016 A.D.

Greg Dulli of The Afghan Whigs plays a solo show at Roulette. He's good. You heard it here FOURTH. Tickets are still available. How do I know? I totally just checked for you. But please don't expect me to do this for every good show I blob about. You're also going to have put forth a little effort here if you want this relationship to work.

*whenever I talk about anything related to The Afghan Whigs I always include this same video..... because it rules.... forever and ever.... Amen.

If you like the pop punk (I do) there's a good one going down at Webster Hall with State Champs + Neck Deep + Knuckle Puck + Like Pacific. You don't have to go to this show if you don't want to (I give you permission to skip it) but please just listen to this Knuckle Puck song because I really like it and want to share good things with you. Wait for the good part, please. You'll know it when you hear it. Oh, and if you don't like the pop punk please feel free to skip this entire listening exercise.

Toronto's Metric play Hammerstein Ballroom and not to brag too hard but I've totally heard of this band and when I see their name I recognize it as belonging to a band that is good.

Other notable Friday shows = FIXED at Good Room + Cut Chemist at Output + Killswitch Engage at Rough Trade + Oneida at Shea Stadium + Yonatan Gat at The Studio at Webster Hall


Saturday - March 12, 2016 A.D.

Austin's Shearwater play The Bell House and they're probably my favorite band that's fronted by a singer/songwriter who's also an ornithologist…. but I'd have to think about that some more, just to make sure I'm not forgetting anybody else. Paul McCartney wasn't ever into ornithology, was he? It seemed like he really knew what he was talking about on "Blackbird."

Tracy Morgan plays The Paramount and, of course, he's hilarious so maybe you should go see that? But even if you don't (and considering this show is in Huntington, NY you most probably won't) did you know we also list comedy shows? We totally do. Because hand-listings hundreds of music shows just wasn't enough to fill up our plate so we decided to throw some more shit on there. Heap it all on! Who cares! You only live once! Nothing matters! Dust in the wind, dudes! But anyway, yeah, all those comedy shows we list are real funny. So is Tracy Morgan. Great talk, guys.

Other notable Saturday shows = Bent Shapes at Union Pool + Slonk Donkerson at The Gateway


Sunday - March 13, 2016 A.D.

Foxing + Lymbyc System + Tancred + Adjy play Bowery Ballroom. And since those are four good artists and there's not a whole else going on I'll just go ahead and devote the remainder of this really great article to their music, if that's OK. Thanks!

Other notable Sunday shows = DJ Anamanaguchi at Palisades


You know what we just did? We talked about a few good shows happening this week.

Hope you had fun.

See you out there at every good show that ever happens, always and forever. #inspirit


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