Best Shows in NYC This Week: Our Halloween Party Guide + Sufjan Stevens + Youth Lagoon + The Drums + The Dears + Carrie Brownstein + Chad Valley + David Duchovny (?) + Joanna Gruesome + The Orwells + The Darkness + We Are Scientists + Jay Farrar + LOTS - Oh My Rockness

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Best Shows in NYC This Week: Our Halloween Party Guide + Sufjan Stevens + Youth Lagoon + The Drums + The Dears + Carrie Brownstein + Chad Valley + David Duchovny (?) + Joanna Gruesome + The Orwells + The Darkness + We Are Scientists + Jay Farrar + LOTS

October 23, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

There are good shows happening this week.

We talk about them now.


Monday - October 26, 2015 A.D.

“Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, dear Marnie the Dog. Happy Birthday to you."* Yes, tongue wagging Marnie the Dog is turning 13 years old (68 in dog years says this site I just looked it up on that, to be fair, did look a little spammy) and there's a party to celebrate at Baby's All Right tonight. Perhaps most impressive about the whole thing is that that dog done went and wrote herself a book that you can buy too. Wow, that's one smart pooch! (the only one smarter must be Dr. Dog because of the whole PhD thing.) There will be DJ sets by members of Frankie Cosmos + Yumi Zouma + Chairlift at this thing. A charmed life this dog lives. Although all that travel must be ruff.

*luckily, Warner Bros can no longer sue my ass for blobbing the HBD song

Alt 'n B sensation Autre Ne Veut (translation: “I Want No Other" according to Wikipedia, the most trusted source on the WwW Intra-Tube) plays Bowery Ballroom and he's good. I'm not telling you to pick him over a dog's birthday or anything. I'm just giving you the information. I can't live your life for you.

Chris Gethard plays Union Hall.

Chris Gethard: Very Funny.

Other notable shows = Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs at Knitting Factory + David Cross at Littlefield + Ty Dolla $ign at Highline Ballroom


Tuesday - October 27, 2015 A.D.

DAVID DUCHOVNY'S BAND IS PLAYING WEBSTER HALL MARLIN ROOM TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!notgoing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

File Under: X

The Drums play two shows tonight at Baby's All Right and that means everything will be just fine. They also play there tomorrow too. You see? I told you it will all work out.

Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney, Wild Flag, that one show) will be reading from her new book "Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl" at Saint Vitus tonight. And by new, I mean the book comes out today so be there at the beginning so you can say you were.

The Polyphonice Spree play Highline Ballroom and this goddamn band will never go away. This was a good song, though. C'mon. It was.

Other notable shows = Misfits at PlayStation Theater (that venue name will always suck) + The Darkness at Irving Plaza + Jeffrey Lewis at (le) poisson rouge + Holly Golightly at Mercury Lounge + The Men at Shea Stadium


Wednesday - October 28, 2015 A.D.

Montreal's The Dears play Rough Trade and they've been a good band for so long they used to be described as “college rock." That's right, you can see a real life “college rock" band tonight. I hope I just blew the minds of all you millennials who happen to be reading this (although shouldn't you be over at Conde Nast's Pitchfork?…I kid I kid...just a well-executed joke based on stuff happening within “The Music Industry" please stay right where you are, millennials, and don't ever leave).

Marching Church comes from Denmark to play songs for you at Saint Vitus. They've had a whole bunch of revolving members but my notes tell me the constant one is the dude who was also in Iceage. Not sure who he played but that's a great flick. Ray Romano's performance as the woolly mammoth was pitch perfect but for my money nothing's better than Denis Leary playing a misunderstood lion with a heart of gold. (they also play tomorrow at Mercury Lounge but that's neither here nor there.)

Speaking of Denmark, Britain's The Darkness play Stone Pony. WAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that's my impression of the guy from The Darkness hitting the high note did you like it). Also, Google tells me Denmark is 16 hours and 13 minutes to Britain in current traffic (please note" this route also includes driving under water). WAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other notable shows = Big K.R.I.T. at Highline Ballroom + Gary Clark Jr. at Terminal 5 + Antibalas at Brooklyn Bowl.


Thursday - October 29, 2015 A.D.

Today is my birthday. In lieu of well-wishes please send money. Just kidding. Please send the respect of my peers. Just kidding. Money is fine.

Chad Valley plays Baby's All Right tonight and loyal Rockness readers will know that I think he's pretty pretty prettyyyyyyy good. I wonder how many times peeps come up to Hugo (that's his name, it's totally not Chad) after a show and are like “That was great, Chad." A lot, I bet. I wonder how many times I've posted this song I'm about to post again. A lot, I bet.

Youth Lagoon play Webster Hall. Just how I wanted to spend my birthday. Crying for all that's been lost. Then again, the movie “Inside Out" taught me that sometimes we can use the feeling of sadness to feel better. OK, I'll try it.

Nope. Still depressed as hell. THANKS FOR RUINING MY BIRFDAY.

Yvette play Trans-Pecos. I just saw them at CMJ and they destroyed. You heard it here FOURTH.

Other notable shows = JD Samson and friends at Union Pool + Dreamcrusher at Silent Barn (bring earplugs) + Chris Gethard w/ Low Fat Getting High and friends at Shea Stadium + Lido (I don't know who that is) at Bowery Ballroom


Friday - October 30, 2015 A.D.

Expert Alterations (click their name to read more awesome words by me about them) plays a free show (early) at Rough Trade. If you like jingle jangle you better bounce on over there with some serious indie pop pep in your step.

Joanna Gruesome plays Rough Trade too. But after Expert Alterations. And it's not free. But the good news is that they're worth paying for. Wales swirl punk represent.

Painted Zeros plays Shea Stadium. They're good. Please click their name to read more awesome words by me about them.

Cypress Hill plays PlayStation Theater (god, what a stupid name for a venue) and you may have asked yourself at some point this decade if the following song still holds up. The answer should be apparent after playing it which I invite you to do now.

Other notable shows = Jay Farrar at City Winery + Big Freedia at Irving Plaza + Shocking Pinks at Baby's All Right + Midnight Magic at Cameo + Germans at (le) poisson rouge


Saturday - October 31, 2015 A.D.


Don't get scared but instead of telling you about some good shows happening tonight I'm just going to point you to this cool thing we made called The Rockness Guide to Halloween Parties. You'll find all sorts of good shows (and parties!) happening tonight by the likes of ____________ and ________________ and even a rare appearance by ______! So please check it out and thanks in advance for loving it.


BTW, I'm going as a sexy music blobber. Look for the blob in schlubpants.


(UPDATE: Management says I must list some of the bands playing Halloween and not just goof around all the time so I'll do it but I'm not happy about my art being questioned. Sufjan Stevens + Flipper (!) + The Orwells + Fred and Toody of Dead Moon + Delicate Steve + We Are Scientists + Skrillex + more but that should be enough to get Management off my back)

By the way, it's appropriate Sufjan Stevens is playing tonight because my favorite refrain from one of my favorite songs (called "Fourth of July" which confuses my Halloween tie-in but I don't care) off his latest album "Carrie & Lowell" is "we're all gonna die....we're all gonna die..."

Thanks for the reminder, Sufjan.

Sunday - November 1st, 2015 A.D.SEE ALL OF OUR SATURDAY PICKS

Just stay in and eat candy.

Other notable activities besides staying in and eating candy = Air Waves at Shea Stadium + Ben Folds at The Paramount + TOPS and Puro Instinct at Music Hall of Williamsburg + I just had a mini Take 5 bar for the first time (first time in any size, actually) and it was delicious.


Those were the good shows this week. We talked about them. You go now.

The following video is Apes & Androids (RIP, like a long time ago) playing “Thriller" at The Annex (RIP, like a long time ago) at the Oh My Rockness 2nd birthday party (we're still here) on Halloween, 2006. Thanks in advance for loving it as much as you just loved this article.


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