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Band We Like

Band We Like: Quarterbacks

January 19, 2015
Photo Cred: Max's Mom

Written by Patrick McNamara

New Paltz, NY’s Quarterbacks make lo-fi twee pop that’s perhaps best enjoyed on chill days when life seems particularly sweet. Oh, sure. These songs are filled with such sad subjects as heartbreak, pain, longing, Poughkeepsie etc. But it’s all played so nice and genuine that you can’t help but feel a little bit better about things before these guys are done.

So who are these guys? I know their first names are Dean + Tom + Max and I’d tell you their last names (and try to either confirm or deny that any of them ever professionally slung the pigskin) but the band doesn’t have a Wikipedia page that’s been lovingly crafted by suspect sources………..... yet. But I can tell you that Quarterbacks have several releases for your streaming enjoyment on the World Wide Intrasphere. And the music is the most important thing, right?

I can also tell you with 100% confidence that on February 10, 2015 A.D. Team Love is releasing the band’s new nineteen song album (don’t let that figure alarm you - Quarterbacks songs are super short - this isn't "Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness Part Deux") that’s cryptically called “Quarterbacks.” Below are two perfectly likeable songs from it. But remember, there’s more lo-fi twee pop goodness where that came from and Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady.


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