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Band We Like: Girl Band

January 5, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Dublin's Girl Band are five dudes (vocalist Dara + guitarist Alan + bassist Daniel + drummer Adam) and brother I need to tell you right now that this band straight SHREDS (when I use my ALL CAPS button like that you know I'm fucking SERIOUS). I might even go as far as to say this is “a stabby jabby scrappy post-punk delight." QUOTE ME.

This band brings the punk heat and sludge thunder and are totally not meant for babies. You can't take the heat - get away from the pit. And anyway it's your fault for not wearing earplugs and a helmet. Girl Band's beautiful noise will knock you around and maybe even down. But it's cool. The tight melodies soaring above the scuffle will lift your ass right back up to receive more pummeling musical goodness (BOOM) with a gracious spirit and gladness of heart. THANK YOU, GIRL BAND, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!

The band has released several shred songs via the World Wide IntraSphere (don't worry, I'll post some below because that's how I do for u, bb bae bae boo boo) and have developed quite the “buzz" across “The Pond." As of this writing they just scheduled a bunch of dates in NYC so I guess they want to take over this land too. I'm all for that. There's plenty of room over here. Shredders Welcome.

My highly trusted Music Industry sources (we often meet in underground parking garages) say the word in Buzzland is that Girl Band will release their debut full-length sometime in 2015. I bet that album will straight SHRED and they'll probably become huge as a result and start playing bigger shows and massive summer festivals and they'll slowly get caught up in success and then start to question what that word even means anymore and they'll begin to lose sight of why they even wanted to shred so hard in the first place and they'll experience a crisis of consciousness that ends at a crossroads where multiple paths present themselves but they can only choose one...

Until that big decision... please get to know Girl Band.


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