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Written by Patrick McNamara

Omaha’s Yuppies play stripped-down, unpretentious* bouncy punk that’s off-kilter and bare bones poetic and often funny. It sounds pretty smart, too. But maybe that’s just because the singer will often talk the words rather than, you know, sing them.

Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts sometimes does this talk/sing thing too (as do all rappers). Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts also runs the label (Dull Tools) that is putting out Yuppies' debut. Coincidence? Perhaps. But if Craig Finn of The Hold Steady ends up managing their tour or Chris Leo of The Van Pelt works their merch table or something, I will rest my case. Granted, the chances of these things happening are very small. But you never know, man. The music industry can be a pretty funny place sometimes. Pretty, pretty funny.

Anyway, it’s time to play my favorite game: Comparing Bands To Other Bands. Other bands that might sound like Yuppies (or vice versa, I guess) include: Parquet Courts (got that one covered!) + Dads (wrote about them!) + Times New Viking (them too! five years ago! and not very well!) + The Fall (I guess!) + your mom.

One final thought before I go hitch a ride somewhere (7-11, most likely): these guys should totally do a tour with similar sound partners Big Ups, in a van and play multiple cities together that are logically picked based on their geographical proximity to one another. Eat your heart out with those tour management skills, Craig Finn.

(*1. not attempting to impress others with an appearance of greater importance, talent, or culture than is actually possessed.)

(**2. Yuppies are very talented, though)

Published August 21, 2013



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