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Wise Blood is the work of Chris Laufman. He (and live, with his band) brings some wickedly wacked-out beats, loops, lo-fi layers and samples to create a magically trippy hip-pop-electro-dream world that can be compared to something like... well, actually, I have no idea.

This is an entirely unique universe Laufman is making. But I know it sounds like a place I want to be living in for 45 minutes to an hour.

Laufman delivers his maniacal mash-up of genres and technologies with an insane amount of energy only a true showman seems to have. You can't be passive at a Wise Blood show. Get ready to have this stuff flung in your face.

Actually, Wise Blood shows aren't really shows at all. Wise Blood shows are happenings. Go see this band and I bet you feel like you're part of something. Now, you may not be sure what that something is, but something is always better than nothing. Right? Wait. Huh?

As of this writing, Wise Blood is on a big time tour with Friendly Fires. That's a good band too, if you like your beats a little bit more traditional in their big time-ness. Anyway, Wise Blood. Who's with us?
Published May 26, 2011



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