((Walls)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

London's Walls is the instrumental duo of Allesio Natalizia and Sam Willis. Together the two write what could possibly be described as "dreamy soundscapes." But really that just means they use a lot of synths and aren't really danceable.

This kind of music can also be called ambient. But honestly, I've never really known what "ambient" means. I think ambient is something that helps one fall asleep. Oh wait, maybe that's Ambien.

Either way, drone-y instrumental "soundscapes" that are heavy on the bass usually put the listener on a fast track to an epic catnap. Luckily, Walls are super melodic, and these strong melodies help keep things from veering off into a total snooze fest. I also appreciate the scattered twinkly sounds that shine through on most of Walls songs. Nothing like a good twinkle, that's what I always say.

Walls won't cause offense to your senses and are well worth a listen. And if you find yourself yawning and getting tired, just wait for the twinkle to come in. Wait for the twinkle.
Published June 3, 2010



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