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Another rock band that says, "Yes, but what I really want to do is dance." VHS or Beta met in the onetime indie mecca of Louisville (birthplace of Slint, Palace, and Rodan in its glory days) in 1997 and discovered that, besides indie rock, they were all kind of into disco, soul and French techno, too. So they started a band and people started dancing thinking they were listening to Duran Duran.

They have a sound that's electric (literally more than figuratively) -- they use tons of keyboards, samples, and exuberant drum loops to flesh out their bouncy, sometimes cheesy, sound. They were good enough to be picked up by Astralwerks and their debut for the label, Night on Fire is 10 tracks of dance-punk with a whole lotta new wave. VHS or Beta have a very polished, stylized sound à la The Killers and won't change the face of music. But they have grooves that are, for the most part, "fun". And being "fun" is better than being "lame." Right?

VHS or Beta by Madison House
Published November 8, 2007



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