((Veronica Falls)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

London's Veronica Falls play sun-tweaked lo-fi pop with pretty male/female harmonies that're mostly nice and mellow, but sometimes they surprise you and get all garage-y and throw some nice riffs at you too. It's good stuff.

These two dudes + two ladies recently signed to Slumberland. As of this writing their full-length isn't out yet, so we can't definitely tell you yet how awesome it will probably be.

Oh yeah, speaking of Slumberland, Veronica Falls has recently toured with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. So perhaps because of those two things more than anything (same label + touring pals) Veronica Falls gets them Pains comparisons often. But they're a little less 'dreamy meets crunchy' and a little more 'beachy meets lo-fi-y' than The Pains.

Anyway, Veronica Falls has a sound that's totally, totally now. If you like lo-fi and swirl and reverb and the beach and that clean guitar sound, you will definitely be into these guys/girls. Stop reading and just listen to them. You'll immediately get it without me having to tell you.

Published July 20, 2011



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