((Todd Deatherage)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

We recently had the unexpected pleasure of seeing Todd Deatherage open for Thunderbirds are Now! a few months ago. But don't let that pairing fool you into thinking he's spazzy and belongs on Frenchkiss. This guy sounds nothing like TAN! Brendan Benson is a much more accurate starting point for Deatherage's power-pop sound.

It's always refreshing to go to a show where the singer can actually sing, and you wouldn't think that would be such a rare occurrence, but it is. This guy more than holds his own on stage, even when he's armed with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and his pipes. Back in the day, Deatherage was more interested in the whole alt-country thing and garnered many comparisions to guys like Rhett Miller, Jeff Tweedy and Gram Parsons.

But that's sure not what my ears heard at the Knitting Factory. I heard irresistible guitar-powered pop of the verse-chorus-verse variety that sounded almost impossibly perfected. Some guys were just born to be musicians and Deatherage is one of those guys.
Published July 28, 2005



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