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Written by Patrick McNamara

The Superweaks are a super solid power pop band from Philadelphia. Their gleeful crunchy goodness can help turn your shitty day into something a bit brighter, maybe not a cloudless beautiful one or anything (this isn't “sunshine pop"), but perhaps a day that's just a lighter shade of grey. If these dudes aren't playing these feel-good fuck it anthems with permanent smiles on their faces their music certainly suggests as such.

So speaking of those dudes, who are they? Why, they're Evan + Chris + Mikey + Corey + Andrew and these seem like men from a time other than March 1st, 2016 A.D. at 9:46 AM (the current time). Are you familiar with that amazing compilation “Poptopia! Power Pop Classics of the '70s?" If so, maybe it would help you make sense of things if I told you this band sounds like they could totally be included on that. They weren't - I don't believe they were even born yet - but they could've would've should've been, man. (if you haven't heard that comp go ahead and listen to now before continuing no it's cool I'll wait.)

As I write this (see: above time + add an additional 90 seconds) the band is playing shows with Somos and Petal and recently played with Modern Baseball so maybe these more modern band names will more successfully guide you towards figuring out this band's goodness than an obscure '70s power pop comp will.

“Surrender" era Cheap Trick might be a helpful cultural reference point too.

Alright, fine, and Weezer too.

Because every profile of a feel good rock out power pop band always (since 1994) has to have its Weezer - it's Rule #1 of 'The 2 Rules 2 Music Blobbing.' (#2 Rule = there are no rules)

Please now listen to The Superweak's excellent album “Bad Year" on Lame-O Records (home to The Pooches - they're good too - but nevermind that now) and then report back to me if you love it. The second the opening track “Kick It" kicks in I guarantee you'll be hooked.*

*guarantee not a guarantee if you're a miserable person in which case tell me how much everything sucks in the comments section this music blob has never had

Published March 1, 2016



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