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Written by Patrick McNamara

Chicago’s The Lemons play sun splashy sock-hop pop. These songs are little twee flowers packaged with pretty lo-fi fuzz and wrapped tenderly with scuzzy psych strings. Please allow this band’s short snappy jams to create a better mood within you.

I don’t know the backstory of The Lemons. How long they’ve been around... who plays what... what their delightful songs might “mean” etc. and all that. Hell, I don’t even know how many current members there are in this band. It could be three. It could be six. Who’s to say, dear Rockness reader? Who’s to say? But this lack of information doesn’t mean I’m woefully unprepared to write a profile on The Lemons. It just proves that #1 I don’t get my feelings from press releases and #2 I’ve still got my ears, haven’t I? And when I listen to The Lemons I hear goodness. Would you like to hear it too? Great. Let’s read on then.

The band recently released their debut album “Hello, We’re The Lemons” on Burger Records in cassette format and it is fourteen tracks and thirteen minutes (roughly - I tallied the track times in my head and math was never my scene, man) of instantly catchy goodness. Stream the whole thing below. Warning. You’ll sock. You’ll hop. You’ll pop. So make sure you’re listening in an environment that’s conducive to doing that.

While you’re doing that I’m going to work real hard to find out more about this delightful goddamn band for you guys. But not before I publish these initial thoughts on my blob first. To wait and let my “research” dictate my post would be irresponsible music blob journalism and would really go against the #heart of the matter.

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Published October 6, 2014



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