((The Futureheads)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

U.K.'s The Futureheads could have totally been included on the wonderful "No Thanks! The 70's Punk Rebellion" compilation and nobody would have batted an eye. If Gang of Four, Pere Ubu and Wire had a 2005 soulmate, it would be this band. Modern day comparisons range from Franz Ferdinand (choppy guitars) to Moving Units (gyrating bass lines) and even Green Day (speaking of which, how good is American Idiot. You've come a long way, Dookie.) But really, these guys just play punk straight from the 70's, albeit with a little more cash to burn on recording equipment.

You can dance to The Futureheads, but to call them "dance-punk" is a little misleading. We're not talking The Rapture here. We're talking Richard Hell yelping, "oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!" There's a difference. The Futureheads have some really good songs... if they could just pull off a few more, and have a little less filler, they might very well end up on the, "Yes Please! The 00's Punk Acceptance" compilation.
Published January 20, 2005



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