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Written by Patrick McNamara

Tacocat are three ladies (Lelah! Bree! Emily!) and one dude (Eric!) who play sunny jingle jangle happy rock that fires off quick melodic high-fives in celebration of those good distorted summertime vibes.

Now, SOME may be tempted to call this type of music “surf” pop, HOWEVER, if one were to dig a little deeper into the Tacocat oeuvre they would find that this lazy categorization frankly misses its mark.

Take, for example, Tacocat’s hit song (well, it’s a hit on my radio, anyway) “Crimson Wave.” Let’s explore it further and do a little exegesis on its seemingly cryptic lyrical content.

“It’s that time, time of the month. Well, I woke up early and I got a hunch. Gonna head down to the beach today. Surf all my girl probs away. ‘Cause all I wanna do is cry. Ask Mother Nature why why why. Listen to the Cramps on my stereo. Turn it up as loud as it will go. Surfin’. Surfin’ the wave. All the girls are surfin’ the wave. Surfin’ the crimson wave today.”

And on this completely catchy goodness goes. I won’t continue with the lyrics. Oh hell. Yes, I will.

“Gonna call in sick to work. I don’t care, my boss is a jerk. Can’t believe all the pain I’m in, get me white wine and vicodin. Call my girls see if they wanna go, take their minds off dumb Aunt Flo. Sew a scarlet letter on my bathing suit, ‘cause I’ve got sharks in hot pursuit. Surfin’, surfin’ the wave. All the girls are surfin’ the wave. Surfin’ the crimson wave today.”

We have come this far. I might as well finish it, dear Rockness reader.

“There are communists in the summer house. There are communists in the summer house. Offer them some primrose tea, if you need me, you know where I’ll be. Surfin’, surfin’ the wave. All the girls are surfin’ the wave. Surfin’ the crimson wave today.”

Now exactly which part, pray thee tell me, of this delightful song would lead anyone to describe Tacocat’s music as “surf pop?" Nothing could be further from reality. For I understand “Crimson Wave” to be the gentle description of a joyful spontaneous moment. A moment of letting go of the control you never had by living in the here and now. Because this is it. And though the bold sea does not bend to anyone's wishes or whims, it can take you to some amazing places...but only if you let go. “Surf pop?” Hardly not. Tacocat is “post-Koan-core."

Oh yeah. The band's second album - and first for the always exceptional label, Hardly Art - is out now. You should get it. It's good.

Fun Closing Fact: Tacocat are from Seattle! I bet it’s even more fun to surf in the rain. Because underneath us, above us, in us - doesn't matter - it's all the same water, man. And we're all in this together - just riding that crimson wave.

Published April 08, 2014



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