((Summer Camp)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

I never went to summer camp. I just went to Vacation Bible School. So that's me. Summer Camp is a duo. Their respective names are Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankley. They are from somewhere in the United Kingdom.

As I write this, I am listening to Elizabeth Sankley tell me she wants me over and over and over. Alas, it's just in song. That song is called "I Want You." It's about wanting me.

Summer Camp plays pop music. This pop music has synth tendencies. And it kind of sounds likes the Eurhythmics sometimes. But not all the time. Summer Camp like beats. Summer Camp like machines. Word on the street is that Summer Camp is going to be pretty big, too.

They might be big just because they are a synth duo whose name is Summer Camp. Or, they might be big because they have really kewl jamz that we all can relate to.

But they won't be big just because everyone happily reminisces about their summer camp experiences when listening to Summer Camp. Because I like Summer Camp and I never went to summer camp. I want to Vacation Bible School. And there I portrayed a singing holy hymnal in a musical put on for students and parents at the week's end. So that's me.
Published March 3, 2011



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