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Oh well, just another good lo-fi band. We're getting kind of addicted to this genre. Alas, if noisy lo-fi infatuation is the worst of our problems (besides a compulsive urge to watch late night Lassie re-runs while eating Cherry Blasters), then we guess we're doing alright.

So Brooklyn's Sisters have this one song "Highway Scratch" that we just can't stop listening to. Addiction, we tell you. It's such a great little noisy pop ditty. Listen and see what we mean.

There are two exuberant dudes in Sisters. Aaron Pfannebecker plays a messy, angular guitar and sings rather nicely. Matt Conboy does the drums and bangs the synths. We don't think we need to remind you that drummer/keyboardists rule.

Sisters are also part of the Death by Audio music collective. We wish we were part of a collective, but then again, we'd never belong to any club that would have us as a member (ba-dum-dum-crash).

Anyway, unlike most noise-pop stars of tomorrow, Sisters actually sound like they're having fun when they play. You don't have to be broody just because your "fi" is set to "lo." Be happy! They have that same kind of joyousness that Japandroids have, but theirs is a happiness that's more stripped down.

Yes. We like Sisters. Especially "Highway Scratch." Addiction.
Published July 9, 2009



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