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If you want to find out more about Sexy Neighbors, don't just type "Sexy Neighbors" into Google... at work. That's a whole different beast. That being said, Sexy Neighbors the Brooklyn band is worth learning more about.

And I'll be honest; I don't know much about these guys at all. But I do know that they remind me a lot of Richard Hell and the Voidoids, especially the vocals yelps and the bluesy stop-start punk rhythms. I guess Richard Hell didn't really rock the organ though. Hey, nobody's perfect.

And, you know, if a band sounds similar to Richard Hell and the Voidoids, well, that's definitely better than sounding like Stephen Bishop, right? (Oh, c'mon. You know Stephen Bishop! The Light Station KING of the '80s! You know, "Tootsie" theme song guy? "The Money Pit" theme song guy? "On and On" guy? Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think Stephen Bishop did kind of rule. Nevermind.)

But back on track, I wish I could tell you more sexy stats about Sexy Neighbors. But I just can't. Please PLEASE don't ask me to try! I can only tell you to check them out. Because I checked them out. And I liked them. Hey, I've always been a yelp guy, what can I say?

If you don't want to file Sexy Neighbors under Hell, file them under math-rock. Maybe. Actually, scratch that. Don't file them at all, just listen to them or see them play. Filing is so NOT punk rock. Collating, on the other hand, collating is a different story.
Published January 28, 2010



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