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Written by Patrick McNamara

Toronto's River Tiber is the melodic electronic project of Tommy Paxton-Beesley (live he has a band). He makes pretty music that sounds like a pleasant dream. It's got those soothing glitches and clicks and mild-mannered blips and booms. It casually lifts. It gently soars. You'll get so relaxed listening to this - you just might pee. Please wake yourself up before you do. You don't want to do that as a grown-up. Do as I say. Not as I do.

River Tiber sounds grand and sweeping. And River Tiber often sounds sad. But just when I think things are settling into sweet type of nostalgic melancholy, a triumphant swell will come along to suggest that things will probably turn out alright. You mean life isn't all pain and suffering and being afraid for it to ever end? Well dyn-o-mite!

TPB has a good voice. So that's always refreshing - when a singer can - you know - actually sing. His tender tenor sounds like a mixture of ___________ and ___________. And those two peeps certainly aren't bad company to be in! It's pretty pitch perfect in its contemplative state - especially when he goes falsetto. He's singing so high because he can't cry, guys.

Listen to River Tiber's self-released “The Star Falls EP." And then tell me how it makes feel after you are finished. Are you happy? Sad? Euphoric? Defeated? Think about it. Write it down. And we'll discuss it in our next session. Our time is up.

Published March 5, 2014



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