((Ponytail)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Baltimore's Ponytail rock it hard, fast and all over the place. With relentless tribal drums, unrestrained vocal wails, and rapid-quick guitar riffs that slide all over the scales, this is an arty rock party in a jewel case. Singer Molly Siegel really lets it rip too, shrieking incomprehensible commands that make Ponytail sound like they're leading a punked-up Witch hunt.

For the casual music fan, Ponytail might seriously dip into your Advil supply, but for those who appreciate math-rock that's not particularly poppy (like Lightning Bolt, perhaps), this is the band for you.

Their latest, Ice Cream Spiritual, was just released on the new We Are Free label (home to Yeasayer and Indian Jewelry). Most recently Ponytail has played dates with Joan of Arc, Titus Andronicus and Abe Vigoda.

They seem to tour a TON, so you should have many chances to catch these guys. But bring your compass in case you get entirely lost in these rhythms and can't find your way home.
Published March 12, 2010



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