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London's Pandr Eyez is the duo of vocalist Ferren Gipson (she's got a silky smooth voice) and keys/beats guy Tom Lloyd (he's got silky smooth...fingers?). The music they make is instantly accessible. These jams could seriously be played on mainstream radio right now if mainstream radio knew what was good for them (but mainstream radio, apparently, does not know what's good for them).

So Pandr Eyes rock all sorts of sounds. But think electro meets some nice and warm atmospherics meets some huge bass booms mixed with a little bit of laid-back soul and a mighty small dose of trip-hop (did I really just write 'trip-hop' in a Rockness band profile?!). That description won't totally nail Pandr Eyez' sound (they're too interesting to be nailed so easily), but it'll get you pretty darn close.

Comparisons to The Sneaker Pimps have been tossed around too. But if you're like me, that comparison will make you run away from Pandr Eyez. Please don't. They're different somehow.

The band's EP recently came out on the better-by-the-day label Cascine (Chad Valley is on that label too, so they must be doing something right) and could seriously burst through the indie bubble and into public consciousness. I mean, it probably won't. But it could, guys. It could. Have a listen and you'll see what I mean.
Published November 3, 2011



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