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Chicago's Netherfriends are a young trio that plays catchy synth-pop with perhaps a dash of psych (if psych weren't so serious all the time) and a little bit of hazy laid-back dreaming (like the Animal Collective/Panda Bear thing).

This is pretty optimistic stuff for sure (the chorus of the inspirationally titled song, "Stop Smoking Asshole Cigarettes," goes something like "ba-ba-da-ba-bop"). And someone always seems to be tinkering with strange toys in the background of these playful-yet-substantial songs. But they're not toys, they're just pots and pans, glockenspiels, melodicas and happy samples.

Netherfriends have a bunch of toe-tappers in their repertoire, and I definitely wouldn't mind this band leading my crew in a round of campfire songs (if campfires weren't so creepy when you and all your friends are 30-something).

Netherfriends have recently played shows with Maps & Atlases, Wye Oak, and Pattern Is Movement. Considering all the buzz dream-pop is getting these days, it seems only natural Netherfriends will be able to ride that wave. They've got the "skillz" to pay the "billz."
Published March 05, 2009



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