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Written by Patrick McNamara

Navy Gangs is a band from Brooklyn (via Omaha).

If you like melodic lo fi fuzz with jammy garage solos, you're gonna want to involve yourself with this goodness.

Think a dirtier Built to Spill and maybe you'll be on the right track. Maybe. But feel free to come up with your own old good band to compare these guys (Matt! Wilson! Noah! Gavin!) to.

Navy Gangs has put out a small smattering of self-released jams since forming whenever they formed (I'll have my dedicated team of DIY music blob researchers find out this info 4 U post haste) and you can listen to them here and here and here (there's even more but the rest is up to you to find I can't be holding your hand through everything all the time).

The band's "official" debut EP is coming out soon (or maybe it's already out... depending on when you're reading this band profile I never plan on updating) but in the meantime here are two good new songs from it.

You may love listening to them now.

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Published August 03, 2016



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