((Moools)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Moools are a Japanese band that's been rocking around for a while; thirteen years to be exact! And for whatever reason, during that time the trio has developed an across-the-seas alliance with a lot of the bands associated with the K Records scene in Washington. Don't know how it happened, but it happened.

Moools have played a bunch of shows over the years with artists like Modest Mouse, Deerhoof, Quasi, Versus, Mirah, Calvin Johnson, and, well, that whole scene.

And now Sub Pop appears to be getting in on the action, because Moools are doing a big time USA tour in the summer of 2010 with Wolf Parade, too. Wow, these guys must be a band's band.

So what does Moools music sound like? Well, kind of like Modest Mouse and K Records. Imagine that! Listen to this and you'll get nice, clean guitars over rhythms that are good to drive to. No tricks. No gimmicks. Just good old indie rock. And that's probably why Moools are a band's band. It doesn't hurt that their songs are good too.
Published April 27, 2010



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