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Written by Patrick McNamara

Austin's Molly Burch makes “country romantic pop" that's influenced by “Dusty Springfield, Patsy Cline, The Shirelles and The Everly Brothers."

All the stuff in quotes I totally just ripped from Burch's bandcamp page. Sorry, it was just so on the money!

Speaking of $, the reason I get paid the big bucks to run this DIY blob out of an office that's also my bedroom is to have an original opinion about music and not just regurgitate what someone else says about it (no matter how much they nailed it).

So in order to pay off the blue Bentley here's my original take on things:

If you like Beach House but sometimes wish they had a bit of twang to them you should listen to Molly Burch. She's real good!


Please listen to a good song ("Try") from Burch's full-length debut album (on Captured Tracks).

The record is called "Please Be Mine" and it's out three days late to love on Valentine's Day. Ain't that always the way.


Published January 10, 2017



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