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Written by Patrick McNamara

Mass Gothic is the new pop project from Noel Heroux. You might remember him from his prior band, Hooray For Earth. Man, that was a good band. (Click their name if you're the type that enjoys reading five-year-old profiles of dead bands.) But we're not here to talk about the past because Mass Gothic is the NOW, man.

Since forming this year (maybe it was last year I'll have my plucky team of researchers get right on it), Mass Gothic signed to this record label called Sub Pop (I think I've heard of them?) and then played their first ever live show. Not bad! And since I was at that show I will now premiere my official concert review and confidentially tell you they sounded GOOD.

And what is that sound? I was hoping you'd ask that question to make the transition a little easier. Mass Gothic sounds, well, BIG. I believe I said that about Hooray For Earth too (not sure I don't read my old stuff and neither should you). But BIG is just the right word here and I just play it like it lays (update: my plucky team of researchers tell me synonyms of big include massive and mighty and HUGE and grand and grandiose and epic and immense and gigantic and enormous and ginormous if I wanted to use any of those words instead and give BIG a break but no it's too late to turn back time).

Mass Gothic's self-titled debut album will be released by Sup Pod (sp?) in February of next year (which might already be in the past depending on when you're reading this) and I've conveniently posted a GOOD song from it below because I'm always doing sweet things like that.

If you like pop bands who sound BIG and GOOD you should consider liking Mass Gothic. And if you like(d) Hooray for Earth you will definitely like Mass Gothic too.

(If you don't like Hooray For Earth you just must not have known about them that's OK start with this album and then work backwards/forwards however way you like to work when you're getting to know good dead bands for the first time.)

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Published December 1, 2015



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