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Written by Patrick McNamara

Richmond's Manatree is a buoyant math pop band whose carefully constructed crazy ass rhythms swoop, slide, and fly all over the place, creating finely controlled chaos that will make you wanna aggressively tap your toes or dare I say even dance. In other words, this is good shit! Catch this band if you can because Manatree's music waits for no man.

If you like any of the following bands I'm about to mention you might like Manatree because these are the bands their label's website says the members of Manatree like (#behindtheblob): Wilco + The Strokes + Pixies + The Ramones + Tokyo Police Club. Good bands, all. Who wouldn't like any of those bands? Not Manatree. Not me. I would hope not you. But whatever. It's cool either way. It's your journey, man.

The furious Manatree four (Jack! Tristan! Noma! Alex) have released a couple of EPs but aren't looking back. Hell no. The band is shredding full force ahead and getting set to release their debut full-length album for EggHunt Records imminently (imminent as of this writing anyway which for the record is 3:37 PM in the Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) and I bet it's going to be pretty good. So help me blob.

Below is a new song from the band's full length debut that I was just mentioning in the previous paragraph thanks for paying attention. It's called “Something" and guess what? It's good shit!

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Published June 23, 2015



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