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Jersey City's Magnetic Morning is the two-man project of Interpol drummer Sam Fogarino and Swervedriver's singer/guitarist Adam Franklin. Magnetic Morning haven't been around long (the members only first met each other in 2006), but already they've changed their name. Perhaps you knew them as Setting Suns?

These two dudes with plenty of past cred collaborate to create pop music that's swirly and spacey and leisurely lush. The melodies certainly aren't in a hurry, and Franklin sings like a man who's got nothing much to do today.

These songs take their time to build; the guitars won't really explode and rock out like they did during Swervedriver's "Mezcal Head" days and you won't really find the snappy drum beats you heard on Interpol's "PDA."

Instead, Magnetic Morning are more about textures and substance than they are about good old rock 'n roll. Some well-placed piano plunks are your first clue that the kids probably won't be pumping their fists to this between classes. And that's fine, there are enough rock-out bands in this small world.

Magnetic Morning is intent on creating something interesting. Think of the band as musical codeine with just a splash of rhythmic ginseng to keep you from entering dreamland.
Published July 23, 2008



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