((Lykke Li)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Sweden's Lykke Li is young twenty-something who is quickly becoming very popular. And it's not because she's cute like (a young) Debbie Harry and has a cool shock-of-blonde haircut. It's because Lykke sings sweet, sometimes almost saccharine, indie-pop with subtle dance hooks that instantly get stuck in your head (for better or worse).

You can compare Lykke Li to her frequent touring partner, El Perro Del Mar, in sound and style. Her name has also been thrown around a bunch with the likes of Robyn, Annie and her friends and collaborators, Peter Bjorn and John.

Sometimes these songs can be a little too cute for their own good (kind of like that El Perro song about how she wants "candy"), but they're definitely catchy. If you're in the mood to float instead of fly, and saunter instead of sprint, you may be in the mood for Lykke Li. But just for a little bit. Listening to too much of this is like eating one too many bites of a Boston cream.
Published January 26, 2009



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