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Written by Patrick McNamara

Now let's just get this out of the way straight away. This band you're about to enjoy reading about and listening to is no doubt aware how their band name sometimes causes immediate confusion which quickly turns into simmering hysteria for crazy Jawbreaker fans. WHAT? JAWBREAKER REUNION? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? Look, man. Jawbreaker was a good band but they haven't been with us since 1996. Jawbreaker might reunite one day. They might not. I don't know. If I ever find out I'll be sure to shout it long and loud for all to hear. But this band has nothing to do with any of that.

Jawbreaker Reunion (THAT'S. THEIR. NAME.) is an upbeat band of four bbs (Bella + Dre + Lily + Thom = their real names) from Bard College who play pretty damn catchy lo-fi power indie pop. There's jingle. There's jangle. There's pretty melodies. And it's got mad bounce. If this is starting to sound good to you too, cool, let's keep talking.

The band formed in 2012 and have played out a bunch, most recently with these other good bands: Quarterbacks + Bellows + eskimeaux + Free Cake For Every Creature + Girlpool + Mitski + Amanda X + well, I'll just stop it there because I can't keep listing the names of other good bands and linking them to profiles I've written about them all day. (*see notes section)

If you prefer to stream before you see (or trust my assurances that this band is good which, again, it is), Jawbreaker Reunion has offered up several sound sacrifices to the World Wide Intrasphere and you can listen to all of them right here. Go ahead. Knock yourself out. It will be one of those rare times when you'll be glad you did. However, just to be safe, I'll post a couple tracks directly below these words as well just to make double sure you listen. Really need to cross all my t's and dot all my i's on this and cover all my bases no stone is left unturned so that you'll just give this good band a goddamn chance.

Thanks for listening.

(*notes section: Jawbreaker Reunion are playing a show with Blake Schwarzenbach. Guess which band he used to front? Tee-hee!)

Published August 24, 2015



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