((Japanese Motors)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Costa Mesa, California's (that's the O.C., yo) Japanese Motors are fronted by professional surfer Alex Knost. Did you see that fine surfing documentary "Step into Liquid?" We did! He and his pops were in it. But Alex's day job aside, the music that he and his three bro-hams create isn't another Beach Boys meets Jack Johnson type of situation. No, Japanese Motors sound like The Strokes if they had a touch of rockabilly in their repertoire. They would also make a good touring partner for The Muslims. Make it happen, boys!

Japanese Motors just write good three-minute garage-pop songs that are perfect for a late night booze fueled party. These quick riffs are happy and come at you with high energy. After playing around So Cal for a few years in various small spaces, Vice Records (Black Lips, Bloc Party, Justice) finally realized that, hey, these dudes could be a hit with the kids beyond Orange County. So just recently, Japanese Motors were signed up for duty with hopes of bringing their punk revelry to the masses. If they blow up, Knost might have to quit his day job in order to tour full-time. Unless Des Moines has some waves I don't know about.
Published October 8, 2008



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