((Ingrid Olava)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Ingrid Olava has been called "Norway's Feist." And while this easy association has been attached to several solo female singers (especially the "seductive" ones) since that fine Canadian launched into the stratosphere a couple years back, the categorization seems pretty appropriate in this case.

Not necessarily because of sonic similarities between the two, but more because Olava's music has the potential to appeal to a wide array of music fans, just like Feist (and Sufjan, for that matter). Patient concert kids AND their "experimental" parents can get into this.

Ingrid's main weapon is the pen and the piano. Using both, she composes soft, haunting songs that seem to be playing out her recent dreams. Think ethereal, think cerebral. Don't think rock 'n roll. If you see Ingrid Olava and her band live, you won't get decibel destruction. This is mostly mellow stuff. But you probably will hear plenty of pins drop. So yeah, if you like Feist, you'll probably like Ingrid Olava. Also for fans of Hanne Hukkelberg.
Published October 16, 2008



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