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Horrid Red is a San Francisco (via Germany) band that plays dark (but poppy) synth-kraut-goth. Now it certainly seems that synth-kraut-goth is polarizing amongst the show going peeps that I know (it's like porn; you either like it, or you don't... oh wait, I think I'm getting the saying about porn mixed up), so maybe this won't be your thing.

But it's definitely my thing and it's definitely the thing of Terrible Records (the Grizzly Bear guy who put out stuff for Twin Shadow, Chairlift, CANT etc.); because that's the label that just released Horrid Red's latest album.

Yes, Horrid Red's songs go dark and vaguely creepy (seeing them live, it's like "I want to fully rock out to this but now I'm afraid the venue is haunted so I'm distracted!"), but they're also pretty darn melodic. It's those pretty synths. And one thing that's not polarizing is pretty synth melodies, am I right? What kind of monster doesn't like pretty synth melodies?!?!

As an aside: do you know that Brian Kelly song "She is Dancing" from the Basquiat soundtrack? Probably not. But it's a great song. Anyway, Horrid Red's music (not the vocals) reminds me of that song. I just thought you should know. (Sure, I could have gone all Joy Division on you but NO I go all Brian Kelly... that's the Rockness way.)

I like Horrid Red. But if you're not into synth-kraut-goth you may hate them. I'm fine with that. I've got Horrid Red and their ghosts on my side.

Published February 22, 2012



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