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We could talk about Hoop Dreams all day. Not the band (yet) but the documentary. It's pretty much the greatest achievement in cinema history, and it's the reason why we're seriously still thinking of getting a "Tuss" tattoo to go along with our Georgetown Starter jacket with a pocket on the side while we go to Jewel to get our meats (we've seen that movie way too many times).

Anyway, Hoop Dreams the band is a really good band by any name. They're from Blacksburg, VA which is also the home of our very favorites, Wild Nothing. The comparisons between the two bands kind of end there though (no wait, they both share a label... Captured Tracks). We don't want to throw you off by mentioning Wild Nothing.

Hoop Dreams play something that can be described (and in fact will be described... by us) as surf-goth. Does making up a genre called surf-goth on the spot make you roll your eyes at best, and spit out your soda at your computer screen at worst? Sorry. But that's what we're hearing. There's the synth-y darkness and slightly ominous sounding vocals over guitar riffs that sound like, well, waves. That's what we hear and we stand by our decision to call it surf-goth.

If you like this, check out another new band we just wrote about called Frank (Just Frank). You could also check out early New Order, but you most likely already have. In conclusion, Hoop Dreams "has the quickest first step I've seen in about 5 years." (wow, writing this really makes us want to watch that again.)

Published August 3, 2011



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