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Toronto’s Hooded Fang make songs that are like little rays of positivity that stream above the clouds and across the cosmos. I’m telling you. These are little musical light beams of joy, mannnn. (It’s also good garage-y pop with bounce-y riffs and bass lines that’s super catchy - but that’s not as important now.)

Now. No judgements. No judgements here. But if you’re the type who only listens to brand new bands who have only been a band for, let’s say, 9 months or less - this might not be the band for you. Because Hooded Fang have been around a few years now. And they’re getting ready to release not their debut not their follow-up but their third that’s right third full-length album, ladies and gentlemen. It’s called “GRAVEZ.” So yes, this band might sound a little more “professional” than you might normally like. They might sound a little too much like they “knew what they were doing” when they were creating “good songs” that became “little musical light beams” of “JOY.”

But remember this, friend. It’s never too late to get into something different. Something good. You too deserve to listen to Hooded Fang and feel the distorted pop goodness rain down its warm rays of happiness upon you. I mean, assuming you prepare yourself adequately in advance.

Come on. You can’t just throw on Hooded Fang and expect something COSMIC to happen to you, mannn. You have to be in the right frame of mind before you hear. You see, you have to listen BEFORE you hear. You know? Listen to the silence. THEN the sounds. Then...the little rays of radiance. That’s right. That’s it. You’ve got it now, mannn.

Published April 17, 2013



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