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Written by Patrick McNamara

Hethers is a power trio (Michael #1 + Michael #2 + Thom) from Los Angeles whose pop might pep your step if you're hep. They've got some jingle. They've got some jangle. You'll hear fuzz. You'll hear hooks. You'll feel some summer angst and perhaps a bit of boozy swagger. And maybe above all, you'll be reminded of Veronica Sawyer's wise words first spoken in 1988, “Real life sucks losers dry. If you wanna fuck with the eagles you have to learn to fly."

The band has been around for a little bit, playing shows (relatively) recently with other good bands like Viet Cong + Girlpool + Gothic Tropic + Roses + Los Angeles Police Department and time is a social construct thus able to be bent. Heathers has also released several songs to the wilds of the WW Intrasphere and this link will send you to their latest jam “Tanker" which was just released as of this writing (1:49 PM in the Year That I'm Writing This A.D.)

But for our purposes, stay right here, because I will now supply the embeddable code I sourced directly from the WW Intrasphere so that you may conveniently stream Hethers' covers of The Wedding Present they released wayyyy back in 2014 (what was that year even LIKE, mannn?) because, damn, The Wedding Present was/is a really good band and Hethers honors them well. That jingle jangle, tho.

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RIYL: Eagles

Published June 9, 2015



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