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Hector’s Pets are a happy retro (let’s say 1979) power pop (punk) band from NYC - by way of Yeee-Haustin, Texas. This is groovy upon groovy guitar rock ‘n roll, baby. Not groovy like a flower in your hair kind of groovy. Groovy, like a cooler of cans icing down in the back of your pick-up as you backfire your way to a dirt clearing in the middle of nowhere to celebrate the last day of school with your best buds.

Wait. Maybe I’m just thinking of Dazed and Confused. Actually, that works too. Because Hector’s Pets is probably best listened to when dazed and confused. You know what I’m sayin’? Wink wink. (you know i’m talking about people with concussions, right?)

Hector’s Pets are about guitars, guitars, guitars. Guitar riffs. Guitar hooks. Guitar solos. Guitar handclaps (wait, no - those are made by hands). I tell ya, these five guys love their guitars. They’re thick, pure in tone, and come pretty close to being a perfect musical time machine circa 1977 (so I moved it back a couple years - who cares).

And oh yeah, the vocals (courtesy of Wet Pet, which is probably his real name) are solid too. That pure tone thing going on again. And Wet Pet gets Heavy Pet (guitar) + Pocket Pet (bass) + Exotic Pet (percussion) + Teacher’s Pet (drums) to help him sing some nice “oooh oooh oohs” sometimes too. Those are some groovy pets you got there, baby.

Hector’s Pets is for peeps down with Burger Records (great label - doing this whole power punk pop thing wonderfully) + King Tuff (current touring buddies) + other recent Rockness power pop favorites like Pop Zeus + Berraracudas + Warm Soda.

And if you don’t like any of the above - listen to this song below anyway. It’s good for the grooves.

Published June 12, 2013



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