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Written by Patrick McNamara

New Haven’s Grizzlor are a brutal new band that sludges and punks and grunges up the metal. Their music is loud, agitated, aggressive, and makes for a 100% good time. Because everyone loves to get blasted every now and then. So let’s drop the bass and wait for the booms as we settle in to chat some more about this shredful goodness before destruction befalls us all.

There are only three dudes in Grizzlor, which is strange, because I thought this big time sound was surely made by an angry army. Alas, it is only Victor (shredder/shrieker) + Wade (keep dropping that big time bass, Wade) + John (drums - boom - click/click - BOOM) who are stirring up dirt under the cloak of darkness and wreaking havoc on our already soiled land. Louder. Faster. Louder. Faster. Louder. Faster. Dead.

The band just "dropped" (Music Industry Insider term) a super solid EP called "When You Die" (as of this writing it was released the day before yesterday - and this hard hitting investigative music blob fact will immediately make this profile massively outdated to future generations of Rockness readers) on Brooklyn’s Money Fire Records (home to such fine punks as Low Fat Getting High + Vulture Shit). Does it shred? Yes. Yes, it does. Does it explain the great mystery of what happens after we die? Not really. Oh well. Can't win 'em all. But maybe they should bury me with earplugs just in case.

I have taken the liberty of providing that EP I was just referencing in the dynamic paragraph directly above this one. It was taxing work on my part. It was hard just to find it on the World Wide Intra-Sphere and then I had to click some buttons to post it properly. But it was worth it knowing you might listen. So please at least consider blasting it. But first, make sure you are not wearing anything you care about getting dirty. It's going to be a sludgy ride.

OK. We're set to pop here, honey. Get ready. Here we go. Boom. Click/click. BOOM.

Published October 6, 2014



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