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Written by Patrick McNamara

Quick! Let’s jump off this cliff right quick! C’mon. It’ll be super #punk #rock. Ready? On whee. 1-2-wheeeeeee!

Geronimo! are three pleasing punker rockers from Chicago (go Bulls) that would like to rock you out, please. I mean, if that’s cool with you. No worries either way. If you need more information before you make your decision on that, let me introduce you to the lads. That’s yelly crooner Kelly Johnson on vocals and guitar. Over there is big Ben Grigg on keys and sometimes he sings. And behind the “kit” is mighty Matt Schwerin.

Fantastic! Now that we have the very most important thing out of the way - the birth names of the dudes in the band - let me provide you with some lesser information - like what Geronimo! actually sound like. They sound like shredders. That’s what they sound like. And though they like it loud, Geronimo! also throw around some pretty guitar melodies too. And I love them for it. After all, anyone can go noisy. But let's see you go noisy AND sing song-y at the SAME TIME, man.

As of this writing (3:57pm on 4/23 in the Year of the How Long Can I Keep This DFW Shtick Going), Geronimo! have a new album coming out on the exceptional Exploding in Sound Records. It’s called “Cheap Trick” and I hear good things. Because I’m listening to it right now. And so far, only my neighbors are complaining. But they were just blasting Shawn Colvin's smash hit 1997 song "Sunny Came Home," so I feel I'm on the right track.

Geronimo! are currently playing around with some other good bands I recently wrote kind words about. Would you like to know which bands specifically so I can link their names? Say nothing if you’d like me to do that. Terrific! Geronimo! are playing shows with Ovlov + LVL UP + Speedy Ortiz + Krill + Two Inch Astronaut + Kal Marks + Lost Boy? + Vulture Shit. Whoa. That’s a lot of bands I have recently profiled. It’s like everything is connected, man.

Oops. Looks like this profile is almost done. Because looking down I see we’re about to hit bottom here. It’s OK. It had to happen sooner or later. All in all, this has been a fun free fall. So let me take these final few moments to tell you what I’ve always wanted to say on here but never had the guts to say which is that I lo…..

Published April 23, 2014



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