((Funeral Party)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

One of the most pleasant surprises of SXSW 2009 for me was stumbling into a Funeral Party show at Emo's Jr. I think I just went in to use the bathroom (the best thing about having an overpriced wristband), but I ended up staying for their whole set. And let me tell you, my pissed pants were SO worth it.

These four L.A. guys kind of reminded me of Thunderbirds are Now! but with more mass-market "hit" potential (no offense, T-Birds). They rocked out in that same slightly spazzy way, you know? Lots of flailing and such.

Speaking of flails, Funeral Party certainly are pistols up there on that stage. Singer Chad Elliott is such a little dude, but he really brings it. He should run a vocal clinic on how to properly support your voice with your diaphragm. And guitarist James Torres likes to play really fast. I appreciate fast players and smooth shakers.

Anyway, I also appreciated how the keyboard knob-twiddling guy also lent drum support on many of the songs. I think we've talked enough about how bands with two drummers are better than one, so I won't continue. The bottom line is that Funeral Party does not phone it in when they play. They let it all out. I was actually exhausted for them and all I was doing was quietly standing still while peeing in my jeans. So get out to their show and see them, because I guarantee they'll give you your money's worth.
Published August 12, 2010



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