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Now this is just nice music. Freelance Whales represents Queens, NYC (there are many other great restaurants in Queens besides Jackson Diner, don't you know --- Jackson Diner isn't even the best Indian restaurant on that block!) and they also represent happiness admirably. When your band uses a harmonium, banjo, acoustic guitars, a cello, glockenspiel, a waterphone (don't even know what that is, but it sounds pleasant) and sweet synthesizers, you just know these guys won't be making music for Debbie Downers. Little Debbies, maybe --- but definitely not Debbie Downers.

These kind five (they sound kind anyway... they may be totally evil and suckerpunch marshmallow bunnies in the head, for all I know) create a pretty optimistic and highly singable world that sounds a little bit like melodic magic. It sounds like Disneyland.

When I first listened to Freelance Whales, I thought they had a little bit of a Cloud Cult thing going on, mostly due to the vocal similarities between singer/principle songwriter/main man Judah Dadone (he has a nice voice, indeed) and that Cloud Cult guy. But upon further listens, I also pick up a heavy Sufjan Stevens vibe, both in the singing styles and the beautifully ornate orchestration.

I guess as these guys get bigger --- and they WILL get bigger --- everyone will use that Sufjan comparison. So nevermind about that for now. Freelance Whales make for one contented listen. Now let's go get some Samosas!
Published October 15, 2009



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