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Josefin KlÄvus
Very young Swedish duo First Aid Kit is made up of sisters Klara and Joanna Soderberg (they were both born in the '90s!). The two received their first brush of internet indie fame a short time ago when their angelically harmonious cover of Fleet Foxes' "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" began making the blog/video rounds online. No one knew anything about them, but many said First Aid Kit's soaring version of the song was intensely better than the original, and words like "haunting" and "goosebumps" were heaped upon them. Thus, their hype train started puffing before they even had a record out.

Klara and Johanna's bread-and-butter on all their songs, not just the now-famous Fleet cover, is the perfect blending of two pretty voices over sparse guitar and piano melodies. This almost folk-medieval sounding music isn't the output that you'd normally expect from most kids born in the decade preceding this one, but most '90s kids didn't grow up rocking out to Leonard Cohen.

You can definitely hear some of Joanna Newsom going on, so if you like her, you'll like these two. First Aid Kit's much-anticipated debut is out February of '09 on London's Wichita Recordings (Bloc Party, Bright Eyes, Los Campesinos!). All this because of a cover!
Published February 11, 2009



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