((Fear Of Men)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Well this is nice. Brighton's Fear of Men are two ladies and two dudes who play sweetly shimmering indie-pop. Singer Jessica Weiss has a perfectly nice voice that floats easily over the twinkling and super singable melodies - creating a feeling that resembles something sublime.

This pop will make you opt towards the positive, friends. Listen to Fear of Men and watch a bad day instantly transform into, I don't know, a life lesson or something. Listen to Fear of Men and you'll no longer interpret that persistent presence forever close to you as the cruel jetstream of chilly despair but rather a friendly burst of fresh air. Listen to Fear of Men and that pounding headache caused by last night excess and your inability to control yourself suddenly becomes.... no, that will still feel like a hangover. This band aren't miracle workers. It's just indiepop.

Fear of Men has put out a few 7"s here and there that Kanine Records (Chairlift + Bleeding Rainbow + Eternal Summers + lots more goodness) is releasing as one album in February 2013. And primarily because of that, they'll be playing around these parts a bunch. So you should go see them.... even if you're not in the "mood." Because Fear of Men will GET you in the mood. A better mood. And they'll turn that frown of yours right upside down, bub.

Published January 30, 2013



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