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Eclectic dream-pop group Elefant play lush, atmospheric music that immediately sucks you in with catchy melodies. Led by Argentina/Detroit/NYC native Diego Garcia (whom all the ladies tell me is really "hot"), Elefant's music swirls around stylized synth beats and Garcia's warm, almost goth-like vocals.

Of course there have been the obligatory comparisons to The Strokes and Interpol. And yes, Elefant has the hooks of The Strokes and some of the gloomy epicness of Interpol, but they really have more in common with bands like The Cure or Swervedriver. This is more brit-pop than retro brit-new wave. Elefant is an extremely easy listen.

While they won't shatter the world with a revolutionary, new sound, Elefant will at least make you hum a bit. And who doesn't like to hum every now and then? And if you happen to be a man and you go to an Elefant show, there will always be tons of girls in the crowd. But they probably won't be looking at you.
Published November 18, 2004



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