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Written by Patrick McNamara

Toronto’s Dusted is Brian Borcherdt (of, holy shit, Holy Fuck) and producer Leon Taheny (of Final Fantasy) and you should get into them if you don’t want to get totally busted....by the music cops...I guess (yes i know it doesn’t work but sometimes it’s just fun to rhyme things, OK? get off my back! DR. SEUSS IS THE ONLY ONE WHO EVER UNDERSTOOD ME).

Anywho, dear Rockness reader, the two Dusted dudes collaborate and create lo-fi blown-out wonderment - the kind of noisy fuzz pop (with a little splash of psych in there - and a little bitty bit of that alt-folkness too) that soars more than it scratches. You know what I mean? Hope so. Because I’m not sure I do.

This band seems to appreciate that good micro pop can also be a little dirty too (not dirty in the Holy FUCK kind of way - double meaning implied, brah). Because sometimes such dirtiness acts as the perfect little contrast to, in Dusted’s case, mostly sunny melodies. And this contrast makes things more interesting, more illuminated. Kind of like how the best sunsets are the ones with a few scattered clouds that act as mirrors for the pink, purple and orange flames? Yeah. Like that. Also, you know what happens when songs have no contrast? They get played on bad radio. That’s what happens.

Live, it’s still just the two guys doing it up there. They don’t have a quickly collected touring crew or anything silly like that (don’t record the songs that way and then panic when you realize you can’t replicate them live - that’s what I always say - and by always, I mean it seems like a conversation I’ve probably had at some point in my life - who can remember anymore?). On stage, Borcherdt sings and plays the guitar and messes with some samples and Taheny does the drums and plays a bass synth. Damn. I can’t even pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time (just kidding - I totally can - if I’m in a quiet, dark and cool room and really concentrate on my breath as I do it).

As of this writing, Dusted are playing an upcoming show with the also excellent Ice Choir. The band will also tour this fall with Perfume Genius. Oh, and they’re pals with Odonis Odonis. I don’t know why you need to know all of this. It’s really just an excuse to link to what I wrote on Ice Choir and Perfume Genius and Odonis Odonis. Whatever. We have no secrets here at Oh My Rockness.

Published July 23, 2013



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