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Written by Patrick McNamara

Is it bad if I write about how a band is really good if I’ve only heard one of their songs? That’s probably bad, isn’t it? That would be irresponsible music blob journalism, right? Yeah. I better not do it.

But moving on, Dream Boys is a really good new band from Los Angeles. There are four guys in this band - and three of them have names that impossibly start with the letter ‘W!’ Wayne! Wallace! Will! Unfortunately, the drummer’s name is Mike. I guess Mike isn’t into first name symmetry. Whatever, man. You do your thing.

Have I mentioned that I’ve only heard one of Dream Boys’ songs? I also just spent a couple lines talking about the names of the band members; always a red flag. But it’s not my fault. I was more than willing to do the research. Especially after I heard that one song (called “Born Yesterday” and posted below). I was like, “that’s a good song, let me hear more!” and the band was like, “no.” (please note: no actual band interaction took place in the making of this profile)

Guess these guys just like to keep their songs close to the vest or something. Or, maybe they’re just waiting until their debut full-length comes out on Art Fag on September 17th, 2013 (A.D.). Hmm. That’s probably it.

And here we have almost come to the end and I think I’ve totally forgotten to tell you what these guys sound like. Oops! Dream Boys play super solid jingle-jangle indiepop with bright catchy melodies that will simply restore your faith in the future of pop music. At least that was my initial reaction when I heard the one song I heard. Am I unnecessarily leaning on hyperbole because otherwise I’ll topple over via the weight of my own ignorance? You bet your ass I am!

By the way, I’ll totally update this Dream Boys profile after I hear some more of the band’s jams. This...I promise...you. Because we have high blob standards here.

Published September 3, 2013



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