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The key to understanding the popularity of Death Cab for Cutie is in the voice. Ben Gibbard's voice is as clear as, well, crystal. His impeccable pitch (I don't believe that guy has hit a sharp or flat note in his life) and impeccable tone coupled with his storybook lyrics set Death Cab apart from their many contemporaries.

When I first heard Something About Airplanes, I was like, "Shit that's good." Then I heard We Have the Facts and I think I literally said, "Hot damn, now that's the stuff." The subsequent Photo Album was more than solid and I have yet to meet someone who doesn't own Transatlanticism. The only other album that maybe more people own is The Postal Service's Give Up and, well, you know all about that.

But it's not just Gibbard who contributes to Death Cab's I-will-conquer-the-world success. Guitarist Chris Walla is no slouch himself. He's quick becoming the next Steve Albini of the recording/producing world.

Can this band do any wrong? Well, I guess if they broke up, that would be wrong. See them live and listen for an off note from Gibbard. If you find one, I'll buy you a beer.
Published February 16, 2006



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